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Hatchone Pty Ltd
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I am semi-retired but still thriving on challenge and the opportunity to help others to grow, problem solve and achieve expeditious dispute settlement.
My extensive 45 year background is in the Building & Construction Industry both in Australia and overseas having come to that through Banking, Metals Engineering and Paperboard manufacture.

During my full-time working career I was both Tertiary and Trade qualified which helps me understand and empathize with all parties.

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Law degree.  I gained a Bachelor of Business degree (Accounting, Administration and Law)  some years ago although my more recent qualification is as a Nationally Graded Arbitrator.  I have trained and as a Mediator and recently completed an Expert Determination in a Building dispute. There have been many disputes resolved during my work life, both informally and formally.

I firmly believe however that is is better to resolve matters by negotiation, mediation or other forms of ADR rather than litigation if possible.