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Chairs Message – Board Election

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    Early Adopter
    Posted 22-10-2021 09:45 AM

    Dear Members,

     It is hard to believe that two years has almost passed since our last board election.

    At the start of our term, the board devised a strategic plan which places the interests of Resolution Institute members at its core.  My colleagues and I have worked with unity of purpose and collegiality throughout our tenure, in partnership with Amber, to implement that plan, notwithstanding the challenges of lockdowns and covid-19.

     A key part of our strategic plan is engaging with our members.  In that respect, I am delighted that the newly created RI Determinative Committee and RI Facilitative Committee together with their sub-committees are playing a vital role in ensuring our whole organisation benefits from the expertise that lies in our membership.  I would particularly like to thank Mike Hyde and Toby Shnookal who established these committees.   

     Your board (apart from Sid Soin and myself) has only been in place for one term and virtually throughout that time has worked through the challenges of a global pandemic.  I am confident that our organisation is travelling down the right path.  Continuity is important at this time, and in that respect, I am delighted that 6 of my colleagues have decided to stand for re-election together with members standing for the first time.  I would also like to thank Lesley Ashworth, who is retiring from the board, for her contribution over the past two years.

    On behalf of my colleagues, thank you for having had the chance to serve on your board over these last two years.  Our democracy is important, as is the role of the board.  I would be grateful if you took the time to cast your ballot in this election.

     Best wishes

    Russell Thirgood

    Chair, Resolution Institute


    Russell Thirgood
    Independent Arbitrator
    Independent Arbitrator
    Brisbane, Queensland QLD