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  • 1.  February 2022 - Fellows Spotlight - Peter Singer.

    Posted 04-02-2022 02:21 PM
    Edited by David Chin 04-02-2022 02:21 PM

    Peter Singer.

    Position: Director of my own private practice, Bond National, an ADR services business that has been operating since 2008.

    Briefly describe your career journey and highlights.

    I'm inspired by two books defining people's careers, by British Economist Charles Handy – 'The Age of Unreason' and 'The Elephant and the Flea'. In them, Handy predicted in the late 80s that people will have multiple career changes and will provide independent, specialised services in larger organisations. His words have been prophetic and instructive for me.

    I've loved almost every job I have taken on, from my first role as a paper boy, educating local Brisbane shoppers of the news of the day, as well as a casual schoolboy salesperson for Walton's Department Store, selling stereos, furniture, and toys. I've worked in Telecommunication Engineering, Sales, Marketing, FMCG, the Fuel Industry, Brand Management, EAP, Internet Applications and as an Electoral Officer co-managing two electorates.

    After graduating in Computer Science, I was a computer programmer for Telecom and then worked as a Telecommunications Engineer in Israel. My brothers and I built a national IT professional services organisation together with 100 outstanding staff. We sold our business to a Publicly listed British firm. This provided a watershed moment to try something new in life. I worked in a strategy role in NY for a period of 3 years and then returned to Melbourne to Study a Masters Program in Conflict management, at Latrobe U, under Professor Tania Sourdin (as well as some of the most challenging thinkers in the ADR field that she brought to Australia). This course (along with Prof Sourdin) provided the impetus to work in the field of conflict management.

    I have built up a private practice – Bond National – that is all about helping people find alternative paths to the blocks they confront in their professional lives. I help leaders throughout Australia and am a proud long-standing panel member of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner.

    Share a piece of career advice.

    Study what you love and want to do. Never stop learning or reading in your field. Help others. See all obstacles as your next challenge in your evolution.

    What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

    I am doing studies in Photography and find this field, fascinating. I find its origins and evolution interesting, the physics of
    light intrigues me and I love photographs that record our history. Through the camera, I have a way to observe people, objects, and scenes from a different perspective – all very helpful in ADR work. Instagram – ptsing

    Community question?

    How can we repair our legal dispute system and have it work more effectively for individuals and our broader society, with the experience we have as ADR Practitioners?

    david chin
    Membership Manager
    Resolution Institute

  • 2.  RE: February 2022 - Fellows Spotlight - Peter Singer.

    Posted 16-02-2022 04:52 PM
    I wanted to personally thank the Resolution Institute and in particular David Chin for promoting my profile.
    I am deeply touched and honoured and am very thrilled that so many people made contact to congratulate me.

    Thank you David.

    Peter Singer
    Negotiation Strategist & Advisor
    Bond National Pty Ltd
    Caulfield North VIC
    0402 422 922

  • 3.  RE: February 2022 - Fellows Spotlight - Peter Singer.

    Posted 17-02-2022 09:09 AM
    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for your contribution and inspirational journey and we appreciate your kind words for the Resolution Institute and thanking us for adding value to you and all members. Your photographs are also an absolute joy. We look forward to further highlighting your profile in our social media, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

    We have a series of other Fellows and Members to come as well to show the diversity, excellence and contribution of the many members we have. We are also looking to build a high profile Fellows only online event in due course and also events where our Professional members and Fellow members can engage as well.

    david chin
    Membership Manager
    Resolution Institute