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Invitation to a 35 minute Zoom interview for you opinions spirituality in mediation as part of doctoral research (This is now closed)

  • 1.  Invitation to a 35 minute Zoom interview for you opinions spirituality in mediation as part of doctoral research (This is now closed)

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    Posted 15-12-2021 06:39 AM
    Edited by David Chin 14-02-2022 08:28 AM

    My name is Owen Hoskin and I am starting my thesis research phase for my Doctor of Ministry degree through the Melbourne School of Theology, an associate school of the Australian College of Theology, an Australian government accredited and NZ ecumenically recognised theological degree-conferring institution.

     I am a member of the Resolution Institute and also AMINZ. I practice mainly as a very small, and part-time mediator and investigator mainly in the compulsory education sector.  I am a retired secondary school principal. Also in semi-retirement, I support the local community as a JP, a part-time non-stipendiary Anglican minister, and as a hospice Spiritual Advisor.  The latter two responsibilities help to explain my interest in the spirituality component of mediation and in life-in-general. I'm sure that many mediators know about Ken Cloke, as well as other practitioners and academics' research in the eclectic spiritual dimension of mediation (Cloke's work is not specifically Christian) All mediators are well aware of all the sensitivities required when mediating across cultures, religions and spiritualities that are not their own. 

    My research topic is An exploration of  the influence of the spirituality of the Christian professional mediator in an Aotearoa/New Zealand community-level cross-cultural mediation.


    The open-ended, leading questions that I ask to discover the interviewees' opinions [the only 'right' answers are their points-of-view] during about a 35 minute Zoom interview are:

    1. Why did you become an alternative dispute resolution professional mediator?
    2. How would you describe what Christian spirituality is or means?
    3. Can you describe how your own Christian spirituality, beliefs, and religious practises influence your professional mediation practice?
    4. Does the influence of your spirituality change in any way  from what you just described, when you conduct a mediation with clients who are from a culture different from your own?
    5. Do you practise any regular "spiritual" routines or habits, e.g., church attendance, prayer, Bible reading, meditation?
    6. Do you have any additional comments that you would like to make and/or are there any other questions that you wished I had asked you?

    I know it is the Pre-Christmas hectic time of the year. However, when the pressure eases a little in mid-January, as a Christian [self-defined] colleague in the Institute membership you might be interested to participate.

    If so, please contact me directly on my email address and I can send you some additional information.

    Season's Greetings


    Owen Hoskin
    Hoskin Consultancy