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Exciting Announcement: Launching the Resolution Institute Expert Witness Training Course

  • 1.  Exciting Announcement: Launching the Resolution Institute Expert Witness Training Course

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    Posted 27-06-2023 01:22 PM

    We are pleased to introduce the Resolution Institute Expert Witness Training Course and accreditation, a programme designed to empower professionals like you to leverage your expertise and excel in the role of an expert witnesses. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or considering training in this field, our comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently undertake this important and impartial role.

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    Why become an expert witness?

    • Becoming an expert witness presents a unique opportunity to contribute your specialised knowledge, education, training, and extensive experience to the legal process. As an expert witness, you will play a multifaceted role, providing impartial expert opinion and testimony to assist courts and tribunals, presenting expert evidence. Accreditation as an expert witness adds further weight to your qualifications and professionalism, enhancing your credibility when called as an expert witness.
    • Resolution Institute Accreditation: Resolution Institute is the only local professional body across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand that offers formal accreditation for Expert Witnesses and Expert Determiners. Our accreditation process is rigorous, ensuring that accredited expert witnesses meet stringent training and competence standards. Accreditation with Resolution Institute demonstrates your commitment to ethical standards, ongoing professional development, and the highest level of expertise. It signifies your dedication to maintaining exceptional standards in the field of expert witness practice.

    Expert Witness Training Course Overview: 
    Our Expert Witness Training Course features a structured curriculum that covers all aspects of the expert witness role. From understanding the legal framework to honing courtroom skills, each module is carefully crafted to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience. You will delve into topics such as the role of the expert, law and practice, the expert's report, court skills, giving evidence, and the cross-examination. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and simulated exercises, our expert instructors will guide you to develop a deep understanding of the subject matter.
    Course Schedule:
    The course will span three days, combining in-person and online sessions to offer a comprehensive learning experience.

    For further details including the course structure, and to register, please click here

    Rukmini Sengupta Roy
    Resolution Institute