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Fellows Spotlight - December 2022 - Glen Pauline

  • 1.  Fellows Spotlight - December 2022 - Glen Pauline

    Posted 15-12-2022 08:07 AM
    Edited by David Chin 06-02-2023 06:55 AM

    Glen Pauline

                  Barrister, Advanced Mediator of The Victorian Bar

    Career Journey

    •  I began my legal career as an articled clerk and junior solicitor in Melbourne city based commercial law firms and the Office of Public Prosecutions between 1994 – 2001 
    • I embarked on a working holiday in London in 1998-1999, and conducted tenancy litigation for London Borough of Hackney in between European travels 
    • I have practised as a Barrister at the Victorian Bar for most of the last two decades since 2001, in commercial, employment, industrial, franchising, tenancy disputes, and developed my mediation practice in conjunction with my practice as counsel from 2012 onwards 
    • I became an IAMA certified mediator in 2006, a Nationally Accredited Mediator in 2010, a Victorian Bar Advanced Accredited Mediator in 2020, and a Resolution Institute Fellow. 

    Highlights & Accomplishments

    • Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee for 2023
    • Chair, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, Victorian Bar 2022 & Deputy Chair, 2021
    • Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal Mediator Panel since 2020
    • Co-presenter of Lawyers' Mediation Certificate NMAS accreditation Training Course, Victorian Bar since 2020 with Dr Peter Condliffe
    • Victorian Small Business Commission Mediator Panel since 2019
    • Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman ADR Provider since 2017
    • Office of Franchising Mediation Adviser Mediator since 2014


    Career advice

    • A career path and trajectory is not pre-determined and laid out before you, it emerges from a willingness to explore different things, learn something from every person you deal with, getting to know yourself better, creating your own opportunities, persistence, resilience, diligence, honesty and being genuine.  


    Favourite way to unplug from work?

    • Playing competition tennis in my Tuesday night or Saturday doubles team, for the exercise, the fun, the competitiveness, the winners down the line, the great outdoors and to the traditional after match social gathering.  


    Community question: If you could ask other mediators in the room one question, what would it be?

    • Is there anything more satisfying than knowing your personal efforts have brought peace to people in dispute? If so, what is it?

    David Chin
    Membership Manager
    Resolution Institute