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  • 1.  Fellows Spotlight June 2022 - Carol Bowen

    Posted 16-06-2022 09:07 AM

    Name, Position and Company.

    Carol Bowen


    Carol Bowen Conflict Resolution Services (Consultancy)

    Career Journey and Highlights.

    My practise in the private and public sector working internationally and at home were underpinned by a long career in the military, which provided me with a solid leadership foundation contributing to the success I enjoy today as a Dispute Resolution Professional. It exposed me to plenty of adventures and opportunity which has shaped me as a person and professional. After my career in the military, I went on to work as a Manager of Dispute Resolution in the Department of Defence as a public servant where I learned everything, I know from the wonderful professional development journey I undertook in that role. Yes, I spent the majority of my adult life working for the one employer. I had a fabulous mentor and dispute resolution champion in my manager at the time, Helen Marks CSM to whom I dedicate my success story.


    I have achieved a lot in my time as a dispute resolver and one big prize is the amazing friendships I've made along the way and the opportunity to mentor and be mentored. Those people I have worked with and currently work with are amazing and they inspire me to be who I am.

    Other achievements include being a former Chapter Chair of Resolution Institute in QLD where I got to work with some amazing industry professionals and had a lot of fun along the way. I highly commend the Resolution Institute community to colleagues as a great learning and networking opportunity. I was fortunate to be bestowed with a Resolution Institute Practitioner Award for the Creative adaption of Dispute Resolution to meet specific needs for my work in Defence and I share this accolade with the people I worked with at the time. When you work with a team, you are only successful because of the team!

    Share a piece of career advice.

    • Professional development and networking are key contributors to your success as dispute resolution professionals. You will always be learning in this industry.
    • Bring yourself into the room when you are working with people in conflict, it's tough pretending to be someone you aren't. 
    • Most conflicted people are highly emotional and need your cognitive empathy. 
    • Don't be afraid of emotion; respect that vulnerability when you see it in your clients and learn to work with it. 
    • Everyone should have a mentor and champion.
    • Evaluate your practise constantly and ask your co-workers for critical feedback so that you can constantly develop.


    What do you enjoy outside your work?

    I love to people watch and combine this with another favourite thing to do, walking. This usually involves a third love, a big set of shops and mandatory food and drink somewhere nice. 

    Community questions?

    What are your 'go to' tips for managing cultural sensitivities around cross cultural disputes?



    David Chin
    Membership Manager
    Resolution Institute

  • 2.  RE: Fellows Spotlight June 2022 - Carol Bowen

    Posted 29-06-2022 09:26 AM
    What a wonderful journey Carol.  I am also a big fan of Capt Helen Marks.  thanks for sharing your story.

    Nina Harding
    Senior Mediator
    Nina Harding Mediation Services Pty Ltd

  • 3.  RE: Fellows Spotlight June 2022 - Carol Bowen

    Posted 30-06-2022 11:54 AM
    Thanks Nina, I've loved every minute of my growth as a dispute resolution professional and I am grateful to all the people who have been part of my journey. Helen certainly is a legend for many of us in the industry.
    Kind regards, Carol

    Carol Bowen
    Dispute Resolver
    Carol Bowen Conflict Resolution / TAFE NSW
    Wagga Wagga NSW

  • 4.  RE: Fellows Spotlight June 2022 - Carol Bowen

    Posted 01-07-2022 08:56 AM
    I am in total agreement Carol and Nina. I think quite a few of us will remember Helen Marks fondly.
    All the best
    Geri Ettinger

    Geri Ettinger
    Geri Ettinger, Mediator
    Double Bay NSW
    0414 585 024