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Fellows Spotlight - June 2022 - Sarah Chan

  • 1.  Fellows Spotlight - June 2022 - Sarah Chan

    Posted 16-06-2022 09:01 AM

    Name, Position and Company.

    Sarah Chan

    Co Founder & Director

    Pax People Resolutions (Alternative Dispute Resolution, Coaching and Workplace Investigation services)

    Career Journey and Highlights.

    • My earliest experience of work was various retail roles including at a bakery, variety gift shop and then as a pharmacy dispensary technician while studying on the Gold Coast. Working in hospital pharmacy gave me my first insight into the nature of politics and personalities in the workplace.
    • My interest in communication and conflict resolution was sparked while studying at university where I completed a business management degree and undertook significant additional studies in psychology.
    • Prior to establishing my business, with my business partner, Fiona Bigelli, my career was spent working in a range of human resources and business leadership roles in medium to large corporations.
    • I spent almost 15 years in financial services leading teams of human resources practitioners and managing workplace relations for large and varied workforces.
    • Working at Westpac was also where I met my business partner, and dear friend, Fiona and together we enjoyed the benefits of 9 years job share arrangement which saw us work in a number of senior human resources role.
    • Much of our time at Westpac was spent managing change including significant organisational design and restructuring, business strategy pivots and evolving regulatory environment requirements.
    • The focus of my work has always been to promote employee development and effective workplace dynamics for individual and team performance and to maximise business success. 
    • Success in all of my roles has been heavily influenced by the ability to foster effective communication for innovation, growth and conflict resolution.  
    • I feel fortunate and grateful to have had a career which involves working in human dynamics and (usually) exposes me to people at their best, working hard to improve their relationships with others.

    Share a piece of career advice.

    • Don't be afraid to try something new and outside your comfort zone – this is almost always where the most growth and personal satisfaction happen.
    • If you can, work at something you care about.
    • Listen when people acknowledge your contribution, it helps you appreciate your value.
    • Be prepared to advocate for others and celebrate other people's success.
    • Prioritise family and friends who bring love and joy to your life.


    What do you enjoy outside your work?

    • Away from work I enjoy spending time with husband and two sons, good friends and our cheeky cavoodle.
    • I love spending time outside on long walks, at the beach in the water or watching my boys learn to surf and when we can on a family holiday at the snow.
    • I also always have an interesting television series or good book at hand for when I need to truly unplug.  

    Community questions?

    • What is one skill or experience you utilise in your mediation practice that may not typically be considered a core mediation skill?


    David Chin
    Membership Manager
    Resolution Institute