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Fellows Spotlight May 2022 - Mieke Brandon AM

  • 1.  Fellows Spotlight May 2022 - Mieke Brandon AM

    Posted 12-05-2022 10:10 AM
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    Name, Position and Company.

    Mieke Brandon AM, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Practice Consultant: Experienced mediator, trainer, coach, assessor, supervisor and author.

    Career Journey.

    From Amsterdam to far North Queensland an inspiring cultural transition! In the Netherlands I trained in Amsterdam and worked as a physio. I felt passionate about all the available culture I had access to in this world city.

    As a migrant coming into Australia, I had difficulties working here as a physiotherapist at first. In Townsville I worked with children in a fairly newly designed building with a large swimming pool. I loved the work we did with local babies and children, such as many from the islands, in the pool. The travelling and exploration of the Far North was an eye opener and a great rewarding adventure.

    Once living in Sydney, I was able to get a physio job as everyone else was from different countries as well. The chief specialist, in rehabilitation, taught us to "treat the whole person". This is a message that I have used all my life in any professional job I have had since. In the end living in Canberra, I had the opportunity to retrain and complete a BA (University of Canberra) and MSc (App) through external studies (University of Western Sydney). This gave me an opportunity to get work as the training officer of Family Planning in Canberra in the late seventies/early eighties, when unplanned pregnancy, contraception and in-vitro fertilisation were hot topics as was 'women liberation'.  Dealing with the whole person and their partners became most interesting and important.

    My next move was to Brisbane, where I became a consultant, teaching conflict resolution, negotiation, group dynamics, team building and problem-solving skill in public service departments as well as got a job as a school counsellor. Considering the whole person and the systems within organisations and/or a family became most interesting to work with in these different roles.

    Late eighties I had the opportunity to attend a training course by Bernard Mayer learning mediation, this was followed up by training and work for the Community Justice Centre and Advanced Training in mediation through Bond University. This type of work became my passion for the next 30 years! Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) invited me work with John Wade, Laurence Boulle and Pat Cavanagh (the three musketeers). This experience led me also to the trainer/supervisor position for Relationship Australia (RAQLD). I consequently worked in several different roles between 1993 till 2007 and continued my consultancy work.

    Career Highlights.

    Mieke became a mediator in 1990 and specialised in family and workplace mediation. From 1993 to 2007 Mieke worked for Relationships Australia in Brisbane as a senior supervisor and trainer.

    Being self-employed for the last 30 years Mieke has worked for many organisations and now continues as a dispute resolution consultant, supervisor, and author.

    She says she is now "post-career".

    Mieke has published many articles and presented workshops here and overseas. She is the co-author of Mediating with Families now in its 4th edition 2018 and Conflict and Dispute Resolution, a guide for practice in dispute resolution in the workplace 2007.

    Mieke is currently a Director on the Board of the Resolution Institute and an Editorial Consultants of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal.

    Share a piece of career advice.

    Working in DR, in whatever process across the spectrum, needs one to become a lifelong learner.

    What do you enjoy outside your work?

    I like researching and writing many articles about insights and aspects of our role in the mediation process as facilitative practitioners.  The Arts, water colour painting and outdoor activities and hanging out with family and friends.

    Community questions?

    On a scale of 0 ----------- 10, 0 being a waste of time and 10 being most important where do you  score reflective practice and self-care for you?



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