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Humanistic Mediation Training in France

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    Posted 26-07-2023 11:19 AM
    Edited by Greg Rooney 26-07-2023 11:27 AM

    Margaret Ross and I have recently returned from France and Tuscany where, with 10 mediators from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Poland, we undertook a three-day Humanistic Mediation workshop with the 89 year old French mediator Jacqueline Morineau.

    Jacqueline established mediation in France in 1984 as well as in Italy, the Mediterranean countries of North Africa and South America. 

    She introduced the concept of transformative mediation a decade before Bush and Folger published their book.

    Her initial work was in penal mediation for the French justice system. She would be referred cases of violence between two people to mediate. As an archaeologist by training, she adopted the three principles of Greek tragedy into her process with the mediator being the Greek chorus.

    The core part of the humanistic mediation process is the concept of the mirror. It is where the mediator reflects back to the parties the feeling that comes to the mediator with three words "I feel X" followed by silence.  It is a very powerful intervention bearing silent witness to the underlying trauma of the conflict between the parties.

    Margaret interviewed Jacqueline about her work which I have now put up on U-tube

    See (1) Jacqueline Morineau - An interview in English with Margaret Ross on Humanistic Mediation - YouTube

    Margaret has also published a paper on her work.

    See Humanistic-Mediation-Asia-Pacific-Forum-South-Korea-2019.pdf (

    Jacqueline died peacefully after a short illness five weeks after Margaret's interview. 

    Her funeral was held yesterday.

    Greg Rooney
    Mount George SA