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  • 1.  Restorative justice network group in NSW?

    Posted 23-02-2023 04:58 PM
    Edited by Michael Waterhouse 23-02-2023 04:58 PM

    Hi all

    I recently did some Restorative Justice training in Victoria and found it very interesting and an area I would like to develop a further understanding of and experience in.

    I understand there is a relatively strong practice area in this field in Victoria, but despite a few inquiries I have not yet found a similar group in NSW.

    My question is whether anyone is aware of such a group in NSW and if not whether there is wider interest in involvement in one.

    Michael Waterhouse
    Waterhouse Mediation
    Chatswood NSW

  • 2.  RE: Restorative justice network group in NSW?

    Posted 27-02-2023 03:18 PM
    There was some Restorative Justice in NSW regarding criminal matters, run on a voluntary basis by a couple of police sergeants but it was defunded. I do not know of any other initiatives. Given the current rumblings about youth crime tough penalties etc. I would tend to think there is a necessity for more training and funding of R/J.

    A S G Photiadis