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Free Training Video: Child-Inclusion

  • 1.  Free Training Video: Child-Inclusion

    Posted 13-04-2022 12:39 PM

    Hi all,

    I hope this finds you well. As some of you already know, I am the Director of The Family Matters Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, from where I consult with children and families. I also advise on family justice policy and have been training industry professionals for many years.

    My particular research specialisation is working in child-inclusion in mediation: over the past two decades, I have published pioneering research and practised extensively in this area.

    Child-Inclusion and Policy

    Finally, after much lobbying, the Ministry of Justice is set to evaluate the way child inclusion can be incorporated as a guiding principle in parental dispute resolution in out-of-court settings.

    This follows their 2019 review of the Family Court, for which I was invited to advise as a published researcher on family mediation.

    Below is a no-cost 60-minute video of my research-backed child-inclusion model. It offers an overview of why this way of working offers such (proven) benefits, and how the model works.

    Video Link

    Opportunity: Advanced Child-Inclusion Training (Online )

    I am currently finalising participants and dates for my online child-inclusion professional training course. As a former lecturer, upskilling industry practitioners is something I particularly enjoy.

    Modules covered include:

    - crafting the feedback interview with parents,
    - working with high and intractable parental conflict,
    - the difference between a "voice" and a "choice" for a child, - use of tools and skills for the child interview,
    - child-parent contact problems and alienation,
    - inclusion of the extended family,

    To register your interest in the course and receive more details, email

    Feedback from previous training modules attended by family practitioners:

    - "Jill has a powerful and engaging interest in her subject. We all learnt so much." - Lawyer for Child, Wellington

    - "Jill has a wonderful teaching style and I often hear her voice as I continue to develop my practice."
    FDR Mediator, Auckland

    - "The delivery of theory integrated with practical experience made this a very professional training."
    Counselor, Christchurch

    Getting child-inclusion right is a matter of urgency for public health. No court order comes close to parents realising the importance of maintaining their child's attachment to them both.

    Many thanks,

    Jill Goldson

    Jill Goldson
    The Family Matters Centre