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  • 1.  Oscar Winning Conflict

    Posted 29-03-2022 02:47 PM

    Yesterday the Oscar Awards presented an interesting perspective on conflicts we all experience or observe.  It prompted me to write a brief article about it.  


    Would love your thoughts on it.






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  • 2.  RE: Oscar Winning Conflict

    Posted 30-03-2022 05:11 AM
    Thanks Peter - provocative and thoughtful comments

    I can't help but reflect on diversion of media attention from the Russia - Ukraine conflict, to the fantasy land of the film industry, with its elaborate trappings, glamorous identities, gross excesses/indulgences, egos etc.   There is an opportunity for those who host the oscars and all that event entails, to take a serious look at themselves and what they and the industry stand for.   Chris Rock's humour was framed around taking someone down for their appearance.  Will Smith's response was uncontrolled, disgraceful conduct.  There is no climbing out of either of those rabbit holes.

    Back to the world stage, applying your thinking to Russia-Ukraine.   Putin's early rhetoric was not dissimilar, making disparaging comment regarding the Ukraine, alleging decadence, natzism, incompetent leadership etc.   His "slap" of the Ukraine has far uglier and lingering consequences for the entire world.   The Ukraine has responded with dignity, as Chris Rock did, without retaliation, yet its resolve to defend itself and the dignity of its people and culture endures.

    I think you raise an important frame that causes me to reflect more broadly on humanity, our level of care for each other and our world.   A willingness to invest in genuine understanding and respect of the potential of every human being, whether in the workplace, the community or on the global stage will go a long way to avoid conflict.

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  • 3.  RE: Oscar Winning Conflict

    Posted 31-03-2022 12:52 PM
    Kia ora Peter 
    Thank you for this thoughtful discussion.  My reflections are:
    - Conflict is complex, perhaps that's why it interests us so much and has the ability to touch us so deeply.
    - There are many global conflicts of significance occurring currently.  In the interests of humanity, we hope lessons are taken from the past and yet it seems those lessons are hard for us to learn.  Human nature is indeed complex.
    - This current 'Hollywood' conflict seems to have taken place in the context where the practice of making hurtful comments of audience members seems in vogue, the reason or rationale for this in an awards ceremony context is lost on me, have we lost the value of the concept of kindness?
    -I am particularly interested in how Jada Smith's voice seems to have been lost, overshadowed by the actions of Chris Rock and Wil Smith.  Lessons here exist.  I'd encourage the award's to consider the aim of their evening and to steer the rudder of the evening back on course whilst being prepared to manage any of it's presenters who cause offense during their 'slots'.
    -As human's we make mistakes, that is a given, it is how we respond on a personal and community level that defines us and our communities, we can learn, we can do better.  Let's celebrate Kindness, all of us every day.
    Anna Quinn, Akld, NZ

    Anna Quinn
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  • 4.  RE: Oscar Winning Conflict

    Posted 05-04-2022 04:35 PM
    G'day Anna

    I have been with covid, since posting and regret taking this time to respond.
    In a 21st Century world, a little more kindness wouldn't hurt.
    I think many of us may have been in such situations before - and it fascinates me as to how those "at the helm" (The Academy) will navigate this situation, so they don't leave the parties stewing in their shame, which will only polarise and re-amplify the incident.  There is a way to repair this for all. Let's hope the repair is undertaken in consultation and includes everyone affected.

    Peter Singer
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  • 5.  RE: Oscar Winning Conflict

    Early Adopter
    Posted 30-03-2022 09:46 AM
    This is a great post Peter and I am sure will get everyone thinking about how the situation could have been handled and how to deal with it post event.

    Amanda Dollman
    Resolution Institute