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Initially trained as a lawyer, Anna has spent the last 3 decades focusing on conflict management in New York (1 year) and New Zealand.  Anna is a leading trainer in dispute resolution in New Zealand and a very experienced mediator/facilitator.  She has lectured at Auckland University Law School, trained at or designed hundreds of workshops in NZ, Australia and the Pacific, and been a regular conference presenter, on topics including communication, negotiation, mediation, neuro-competency and the psychology of conflict.  Anna has been a trainer with LEADR (now named Resolution Institute) for 25+ years; is a Res Inst Fellow Panel Member and holds National Accreditation.

Anna regularly mentors and provides coaching/supervision to mediators.  She has set up and implemented re-certification/supervision programmes in NZ for the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service and in New York (for a Community Mediation Programme).  Anna assists the Peace Foundation in its work in schools in the Auckland area and regularly helps in the coaching of the UOA ICC team.

Anna has experience mediating claims involving community to commercial issues. Anna has held FDR Accred. in New Zealand and she has a special interest in Restorative Practice (former RJ trainer/practitioner) and in the mediation and conflict management of matters involving the elderly (EMAN Board member).