Mieke (ACJ) Brandon AM RIF


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  • Trained in mediation in 1988 with the CJC
  • Worked in Relationships Australia Qld as senior supervisor/trainer from 1993-2007
  • Worked as trainer, coach and assessor for Bond Uni since 1992-2020
  • Was casual DR /Negotiation Tutor at QUT, Griffith Uni, Uni of Queensland and College of law as trainer and coach
  •  I have published many articles and co-authored Mediating with Families (4th ed.Thomson Reuters 2018).
  • Director member RI Board 2014-2015
  • Director member RI Board 2020-2021
  • Chair of the acknowledgements & awards RI committee
  • Member of RI PD group Qld.
  • Editorial Consultant ADRJ.
  • My special interest in mentoring at the moment is to mentor those experienced family mediators who have attended the RI Masterclasses on Relationship m  (RM) to assist in their additional practice to offer this as part under their obligations under the FLA and their special interest in this new opportunity to add to their practice.
  • Unfortunately I am not available for general DR or FDRP practice mentoring at the moment