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Mitchell Mediate
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I am a qualified and accredited mediator. I work, weekly, within the Adelaide Magistrates Courts in two capacities:
  (1)As a tutor and co-mediator with Adelaide Law School students.
  (2) As a Pro Bono mediator for claim/disputes in the Adelaide
       Magistrates Court.


I am the ‘Thought Leader’ for the SA branch of the Resolution Institute and produce a monthly, well-researched, challenging and thought-expanding publication for the Resolution Institute Pulse Journal ( see attachments for examples). It is planned for a compilation of these articles to be published as an e-book for trainees and emerging mediators.

In March 2019, I successfully completed, as a full-time student, a Masters of Health Management, (University of New England), majoring in Health Policy, Health Strategy, Systems Management and Inter-professional Collaboration (IPC).


Prior to that I had been, for 43 years, a GP specializing in Personalised Medicine, focusing on the uniqueness of each individual, their symptoms and ill-health.